Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of the Islands

Tahiti Vacation

Tahiti is the largest island within French Polynesia. Tahiti and her Islands are made up of 118 islands stretching across 4 million square kilometers of the South Pacific Ocean the same area as Europe.

The laid-back yet exotic allure of Tahiti makes it the ideal place to recharge your batteries and experience something new. Tahiti is home to a world of myths, legends and dreams. Lush landscapes, crystal clear water and lagoons meet fierce warriors and beautiful goddesses.

Papeete is the capital of Tahiti and offers many treasures to visitors. Colourful market places, rich history, beautiful art and exciting night life will ensure you love every second of your stay. Moorea is the second largest island in the Society Islands and is only 17 km from the island of Tahiti. The island is surrounded by a spectacular, translucent green lagoon and colorful coral reefs.

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