Home to Asia’s Greatest Historical Site

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Despite its both glorious and troubled history; Cambodia today is one of Asia’s most enticing and popular holiday destinations.

Cambodia is home to Asia’s greatest historical site. Covering 400 sq. km, the breathtaking Temples of Angkor complex near the small town of Siem Reap, has made Cambodia a renowned place to visit. Built between the 9th and 13th centuries and forming the capital of the Khmer Empire, this once thriving civilization spread to encompass much of modern South East Asia. The temples were abandoned upon the eventual Khmer decline and engulfed by the jungle until they were rediscovered in the late 1860’s.

Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is located on the confluence of three rivers and was originally founded as a place of religious significance. Phnom Penh is home to the magnificent Royal Palace and the famed Silver Pagoda. Phnom Penh has approximately 80,000 inhabitants and is a breathtaking city to visit.

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